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    excellent performance

    Savelli Ascensori provides and installs escalators and autowalks for both private use (shopping malls, stores, etc.) and public use (airports, train stations, etc.).

    By coming to us, you will be assured to get a personalized service in accordance with the requirements of your construction site and without the unexpected compared to the estimated cost. In addition, the assistance on our products is free with spare parts that can be find easily at a reasonable cost.

    Our installations are built with due regard for the legislation EN115 and are equipped with all the required safety devices, ensuring safety for the users and quietness for the operators.

    Updating and replacement service

    Are your escalators or moving walkways giving problems?

    Our replacement solutions:

    – are an investment which pays for itself and provide continuing savings in energy costs year after year;

    – are designed to enhance safety and security with up-to-date systems which are in compliance with current legislations;

    – are designed to boost performance by retaining the existing appearance of the building so that the site can continue to operate.

    our services

    We take care of the installation process from beginning to end.

    We will guide you through the entire process, from design to installation. We draw on our experiences to make the installation of our escalators and moving walkways as simple as possible and to make adjustments to your project, if needed.

    Building operation

    Tell us your needs and our team will work closely with you to find the most effective way to smoothly manage the flow of people in your building


    Relying on our professional installation service is the first step to having perfectly efficient and safe systems.


    Our dedicated staff will become part of your team for the duration of your project, providing the professional assistance service that is best suited to your site, your users, and your environment.

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