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    Why is it important to modernise your system?

    It is estimated that a lift produced 20 years ago has averagely travelled 400 thousand kilometres inside its shaft.

    It is inevitable that the burden of the years and the wear result in the progressive worsening of the safety, of the performance, and of the aesthetics of the system – not to mention the greatest risk of failures, malfunctions and common incidents due to:
    – DIFFERENCE IN LEVEL, that is to say the not perfect alignment between the lift and the floor that causes more or less severe falls;

    – IMPACT WITH THE DOORS, that mainly hits old people;

    – LIFT ENTRAPMENT, IN THE DARK, that has serious consequences for heart patients or claustrophobic people.

    To maintain the safety of the passengers as well as the safety of the maintenance workers, Savelli put at your disposal a team of qualified technicians that evaluates all the possible risk factors that could be cause of accidents during the use of the system by planning in time and by having the needed actions carried out in order to eliminate or at least reduce the risks.

    We have the right solutions, whether this is a complete replacement or targeted actions on specific components.


    The partial modernisation is the ideal solution if the general conditions of your lift are still good, but requires actions on some specific components in order to improve its performance, its comfort, its aesthetic and its reliability.

    1. Control panel with VVVF technology

    Installation of a system for an accurate levelling at the floor, to prevent the users from stumbling when they enter or leave the lift car not well aligned with the floor. The control panel with next generation circuit board combined with a control system in real time of the device bring comfort and full safety, ensuring high efficiency standard in terms of energy consumption. The refurbishment of the security power lines in the shaft, the laying of new cables in the car, combined with the application of new call panels can fully reduce the failures due to the wear of parts that are worn now.

    2. Back to the floor on batteries

    The activation of this system, in case the power goes out, offers the possibility to go back to the lowest floor and reopen the doors of the lift helped by emergency lights in order to get out in total safety.

    3. Photoelectric barrier

    Today, the photoelectric barrier is requested as an essential element for the systems with the new legislation. It is made of a network of infrared beams, extending until 1800 mm off the ground. Thanks to the flexibility of installation, it allows its application even in pre-existing buildings in order to protect the doors, the people and the system itself, as it can detect obstacles along the path of the doors.

    4. Telephone dialer

    Installation of a bi-directional voice dialer that is connected to a rescue centre: the emergency call will be activated immediately, ensuring the intervention of our technician in the shortest possible time and giving the possibility to establish a communication with the person who might be trapped inside.

    5. Switch off system

    Our Switch Off system makes it possible to bring the power consumption to zero by activating the Stand-by mode for all the elements that are not essential for its functioning. This turns into a saving of almost 70% in the effective power requested during the life of a lift installed in a residential building.

    6. Lift car

    Functionality and details come together according to your likes. No limit to the inspiration of our customers. Thanks to our high quality products, they can choose how to renovate their own lift car, for a style that may last.

    7. Car push-button panel

    Install in the lift car an emergency lighting system that works in case of failure of the main power.



    If the lift of the building where you are living is now 25 years old, is slow and the repair works have become too frequent and expensive, it is time to replace it with a most functional, safe and efficient solution.




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