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  • Our lifts are custom-made as a tailored suit

    From the project to the installation

    The lifts realized by Savelli Ascensori are able to satisfy any of your needs and are tailor-made for their installation in residential building or in industrial and commercial building. Savelli Ascensori offers all the phases of the realization of the lift systems, from the conception, to the construction, the installation and the maintenance 24 hours a day.
    The introduction of the Law 13/89 “Arrangements to facilitate the overcoming and removal or the architectural barriers” and of the following D.M. 236/89, establish the minimum dimensions of the cabin of the lifts based on the buildings where they will be installed.


    car design



    In case of adjustment of pre-existing building, the lift, where it is not possible to install a larger cabin, can have the following characteristics:

    – cabin with minimum dimensions of 1,20 m depth and 0,80 m width;

    – door with a minimum size of 0,75 m on the short side;

    – minimum distribution platform of 1,40 x 1,40 m.

    The doors of the car and of the floor have to be automatic sliding doors.

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    In new residential buildings, the lift must have the following characteristics:

    – cabin with minimum dimensions of 1,30 m depth and 0,95 m width;

    – door with a minimum size of 0,80 m on the short side; – minimum distribution platform of 1,50 x 1,50 m.

    The doors of the car and of the floor have to be automatic sliding doors.

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    In new non-residential buildings, the lift must have the following characteristics:

    – cabin of a minimum size of 1,40 m depth and 1,10 m width;

    – door with a minimum size of 0,80 m on the short side;

    – minimum distribution platform of 1,50 x 1,50 m.

    The doors of the car and of the floor have to be automatic sliding doors.

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    modernisation solutions for lifts

    To modernize the elevators means to improve safety, reliability, accessibility and aesthetics reducing besides in sensitive way the energetic costs

    drives solutions

    The operation of the electric lift takes place thanks to an electric drive winch which transmits the upward or downward movement to the ropes that connect the cabin to a counterweight.
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    The oleodynamic lift operates thanks to a hydraulic power unit which puts the pressure of the oil inside a cylinder, thus extending a stem on top of which a pulley is applied
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    Savelli Ascensori constructs and installs lifts that can be used even in case of fire in public-healthcare buildings in accordance with the legislation EN 81-72.
    The firefighting lift, in the cases defined by law, is installed for the protection of the passengers’ safety and is different from ordinary elevators because it has protections, controls and reporting systems that make it appropriate for the use of the fire fighters.

    The legislation UNI EN 81-72 of May 2004 describes the rules regarding the safety for fire prevention and for the construction and the installation of the lifts and it establishes the control and test phases for the “shafts of the lift systems” for all the activities subject to prevention controls.

    The firefighting lift can be used as an ordinary passenger lift but it is essentially designed to be operational for as long as possible during a fire when the temperatures are high and when there might be water. Indeed, the reliability of the power supply is one of its specific characteristics and, being resistant to high temperatures and isolated, it guarantees its functioning even in case of risk.

    The lift systems dedicated to the fire exit are regulated by the update of the Decree of the Ministry of Interior of 15 September 2005 in the appropriate section “Approval of the technical regulation to prevent fires in elevator and work shafts installed in places subject to fire prevention controls” specifying even the characteristics of the anti-smoking filters of the shaft for the fire lift and for the emergency lift.


    Reliability, efficiency and hygiene are the essential requirements for a lift specifically designed for hospitals, clinics and nursing homes. These characteristics have to be ensured 24 hours a day, without interruption or unforeseen event. That is why the Savelli products are engineered, installed and maintained to withstand an intensive use.
    They always ensure the maximum safety for the passengers.

    After the installation?


    After the installation, the lift system has to be periodically inspected.
    Savelli Ascensori provides a maintenance service that suits every kind of needs and a wide range of services in order to always be by your side
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