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    Essential Line - Basic style

    The basic line of Savelli Ascensori is the one called Essential.
    This design is chosen by those who want a minimal lift car, without particular mirrors and profiles.
    This car is made of plastic material just like the doors, and there are five colours to choose from for their finishes.
    The handrail is made of chrome-plated steel and fixed to the side or rear wall panel. The button panel Line maintains the linearity of the car and this is what characterised this kind of aesthetic.
    The ceiling is also made of laminated sheet in white or in black colour and, for the lighting, there are LED spots stuck up in the ceiling of the car. The floor is made of linoleum.

    • Type of drive:
      Electric - Hydraulic

    Wall finishes

    Floor finishes

    NOTE: on request, it is possible to arrange the cabin bottom for any type of floor provided by the costumer.

    Car button panel

    Floor button panel

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