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    Unique line - Always the perfect solution

    The Unique line offers an exclusive and luxurious design that is able to satisfy any customer’s request.

    The alternation of mirror-finished stainless steel panels and luxurious patterns merge to create an unforgettable space, an elegant line that fits into any kind of location.
    A careful selection of the materials, of the lighting system, of the button panel and a careful attention to detail can create an amazing, luxurious and high-quality space capable of giving a magical experience to the user.

    Wall finishes

    Create a special atmosphere not only with colors, but also with geometric or organic shapes of your taste.
    Regardless of the size of your cabin, the wallpaper or digital decoration will always have an amazing effect.


    Lighting systems

    NOTE:  On request, it is possible to create different ceiling.

    Operating panels

    Finishes:  black or white mirrored glass
    Brick Touch has won the Good Design Award 
    Finish: scotch brite, glossy inox, satin gold* and mirro gold*
    Finish: scotch brite, black*, Pearl*, and mirrored (chrome and gold)*



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