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    Fire Lifts

    Savelli Ascensori srl produces and installs lifts that can be used even in the event of fire in public-healthcare buildings in accordance with the law EN 81-72.
    In the cases defined by law, the fire lift is installed for the protection of the passengers’ safety and differs from ordinary lifts as they are equipped with protections, controls and reporting systems that makes it appropriate for the use of the firefighters.
    The legislation UNI EN 81-72 of May 2004 describes all the regulations on safety for fire prevention and for the construction and the installation of the lifts. It also sets out the inspection and test phases of the “shafts of the lift systems” for all the activities subject to prevention inspections.
    The fire lift can be used as a normal passenger lift but it is basically engineered to be operational for as long as possible during a fire event when the temperatures are high and when there might be water. Indeed, the reliability of the power supply is one of its specific characteristics and, being resistant to high temperatures and isolated, it guarantees its functioning even in case of risk.
    The lift systems dedicated to the fire exit are regulated by the update of the Decree of the Ministry of Interior of 15 September 2005 in the appropriate section “Approval of the technical regulation to prevent fires in elevator and work shafts installed in places subject to fire prevention controls” specifying even the characteristics of the anti-smoking filters of the shaft for the fire lift and for the emergency lift.

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