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    Together for the environment! Energy-saving lifts

    Savelli Ascensori produces and installs even ENERGY-SAVING lifts that can run on single-phase 220V power supply (the one that we typically have in every homes) up to a maximum load of 480 kg.
    Here are some characteristics that contribute to energy savings and to the optimization of a system:

    The lift is operated by a permanent magnet GEARLESS MOTOR (that can also work through battery supply only), that, on equal speed and load, allows a significant reduction of the use of energy compared to the traditional drives of the systems.

    Reduction of the starting current and energy recovery system.

    After a programmable time, the system will go out completely waiting for the next call, bringing the power consumption to almost zero.

    The lifts are equipped with LED lighting system and display with stand-by mode and high energy efficiency

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